Let FAZ try Kalengo please


 The Chipolopolo frontline has for a long time failed to find the back of the net,and this must a source of worry for coach, George Lwanadamina.

That he has vowed not to play names is a welcome move, but I am left wondering why the ZESCO United danger man Winston Kalengo who is currently the top scorer in the MTN super division is missing on those donning the national colours!

I am not a football analyst but truth be told the young man on the local front is proving to be a thorn in many defenders, and he scores in almost all the Games.

While I appreciate that international football is different from local games ,the man deserves a chance ,just try him.`

How else will he gain experience? Those we have entrusted with scoring have lamentably failed, so why not try new boots?

With the current crop that depends on shoot outs of which they even miss, I am left wondering if we shall go far in the Gabon chase.

Time for change is now. We have changed coaches, now we need to change players of course gradually.

That said I wish the best of lucky to Chipoloplo as they take on Kenya, Good lucky boys!!!


Chakwiya Bornface