Salaries and Taxes



There must be something wrong with the Zambia Revenue Authority and indeed other Government institutions that continue to patroinise and pay an institution that deliberately fails to pay taxes.

I find it amazing that, foreign companies, especially those from South Africa will very happily patronise institutions that are busy insulting the Government. They do not care that such insults will create anger and instability which will be a threat to theur business interest in the country.

I am reminded about President Kenneth Kaunda who expressed serious disatisfaction that Government was advertising in the National Mirror which was criticising the Government. I of course, do not agree that support should be given to such institution, but there must be a serious introspection about those who choose to support organisations that are determined to destroy the peace and tranquility that this country is enjoying.

My appeal to the Government is to think twice and investigate those Government institutions that are deliberately funding anarchy and disorder in this country.

Samson Machona