AN Orthodox Church pastor has  been ordered  to pay K150 by a Lusaka Local Court for contempt of court and failure to obey court order.

Appearing before Magistrate Ackim Phiri and Magistrates Daniel Phiri and Sarah Nyendwa at Kanyama Local Court was Steven Masumba who readily admitted the two charges.

Particulars of the matter are that on July 17, Masumba was in Kanyama Local Court for divorce after he was sued by his wife, Edina Masumba.

After hearing from both sides the court granted divorce and ordered Masumba to compensate his wife with K6,000 with an initial payment of K1,000 followed by monthly installments of K300 and to be paying children maintenance fee of K400 per month.

But Masumba has failed to pay  compensation, children maintenance and did not share property and was consenquently cited for contempt of court and failure to obey court order.

In mitigation, Masumba said that if he is sent to prison his children will suffer and explained that he did not pay compensation and children maintenance because after they divorced he was fired from work.

Magistrate Ackim Phiri said that he has taken into consideration that Masumba is a first offender and that his children will suffer if he is jailed and ordered him to pay K75  for each of the two offences.