Cartel buys planes, Pajeros


AN order for five helicopters and 50 Pajero vehicles has been placed by the cartel ahead of the 2016 general and Presidential elections which they have vowed to win at all costs.

It has also been revealed that as part of the mobilisation programme, cadres from a named political party have been sent to Brazil to learn mass mobilisation tactics which will soon be employed.

An impeccable source has revealed that the cartel intends to invest billions of Kwacha, some of the money  acquired from dubious sources to win the 2016 elections in order to recover the financial and political losses suffered after their bid to succeed President  Sata failed.

And the Patriotic Front (PF) said it was aware that the cartel was going to launch one of the most expensive and opulent campaigns using procceeds of grand corruption in its quest to facilitate the election of its stooge candidate whom they would control in order to escape the sins of their financial and political transgressions.

PF media and publcity committee vice chairman Sunday Chanda has challenged the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to be  extra vigilant to determine the source of the money because there was a danger that the country could have laundered money in its political space.

Mr Chanda said it was public knowledge that many question surrounding corrupt procurement practices remained unresolved, hence the danger that the money was such unresolved crimes.

Mr Chanda said while the cartel had been masquerading as the proponents of the fight against corruption, they were as a matter of fact the prime movers of  grand corruption.

“We know that the cartel is about to launch one of the country’s most expensive and extravagant campaigns next year.

We know that they are procuruing cars, planes and other things but we want to insist that while they masqurade as proponents of the fight against corruption, they are in fact acomplices to grand corruption.

We are questioning their source of money to finance such an expensive campaign within a short period,” Mr Chanda said.

He said Zambians were aware that members of the cartel and their prefered cadndidate did not come from rich backgrounds and had asked the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to interogate members of the cartel as regards the source of their sudden ill gotten wealth.  The campaign includes a highly orchestrated  propaganda campaign to neutralise and  disable the Patriotic Front (PF) and other contenders because they realise that the ruling party had not been as aggressive as expected.

The source revealed that two of the  (five) helicopters had already been paid for and the rest would also be paid for shortly.

“We wonder where these huge amounts are coming from and why the Zambia Revenue Authority has not been able to detect the source of the money.

ZRA is going the clear the vehicles to be procured but what they should also find out is the source of the money being used” the source said.

The  cartel members, he said,  had invested a lot in politics and President Lungu should be firm in dealing with the criminals because they had become financially powerful and were using the money looted during the Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata administration to tear the country apart. he informers have advised that President Lungu had delayed in acting on the cartel that is currently propagating regime change and that some opposition political parties such as the United Party for National Development (UPND) leaders were being used to champion the cause of the cartel. They fear that Zambia would revert to the dreaded days of the one party state under the leadership of the cartel recalling that during Mr Sata’s reign, the gang used state power to persecute and victimise all percieved enemies.

They said while late president Sata was not a vegneful leader, the cartel that held him hostage was extremely vengeaful and ensured they used their interaction with the late president to champion their own political desires.

“…Our boss has started selling most of his properties including a house in Olympia where he had been housing some of the employees,” they said.

Informers working for the cartel but not members revealed that an emergency meeting was called at which they were informed that a known political party for which five helicopters and 50 Mitsubishi Pajeros had been procured would be able to form government next year and things would then improve.