Kabimba misusing Sata’s name -Chama

RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba should stop using the name of late president Michael Sata in vain because he (Kabimba) is the man together with his allies who betrayed the late president by taking advantage of his medical state to scheme to take away the presidency, the Patriotic Front (PF) has charged.

The PF has stated that Mr Kabimba proclaimed himself a true disciple of President Sata and yet he never believed in the late president whom he (Kabimba) and his vengeful allies manipulated to fraudulently gain control of a lot of key and sensitive State institutions.

PF secretary general Davis Chama said Mr Kabimba should be the last person to continue praising late president Sata in his death because he least cared about him and even failed to mourn the former head of state by shunning his funeral. Mr Chama recalled that President Sata put Mr Kabimba to test and allowed him to act as president when he (Sata) travelled to Israel and that Zambia literally witnessed the worst kind of arrogance and pomposity during the days the Rainbow leader presided over the affairs of the country.

He said when Mr Kabimba acted as president, he literally declared himself president and without limit, took control and commanded all state institutions and security wings, a feat that did not please Zambians and security personnel.

Mr Chama said Mr Kabimba with his image builders were angry that President Sata discovered their schemes and decided to part company with them because he had realised that Zambia in their hands was going to be balkanized.

He told the Daily Nation that it was petty and cheap propaganda to insinuate that former president Rupiah Banda had joined PF when even President Sata enjoyed a good relationship with Mr Banda before he died. “Mr Wynter Kabimba should stop using the name of late President Michael Sata in vain. Mr Kabimba should not pretend to have loved Sata or was his disciple as he used to proclaim because Zambians know that he never meant a word he said as he was positioning himself. Unlike Mr Kabimba, President Sata was a man with a big heart and forgave a lot of people who abused and insulted him. President Sata was talking to former president Banda before he died and he enjoyed a good relationship and it is therefore cheap propaganda for Mr Kabimba to insinuate that president Banda had joined the PF,” Mr Chama said.

Mr Chama said he was aware that Mr Kabimba and his image builders were working at intoxicating Zambians with their corrosive hatred for President Banda and other prominent leaders whom they hated with a passion.

He said it was sadism of the worst kind for any political leader to habour corrosive hatred against the people he desired to govern warning that such people had the potential to turn the country into dictatorship.

Mr Chama said it was however comforting that Mr Kabimba would never become president in Zambian no matter how well he was going to be rebranded and packaged because Zambians experienced his kind of leadership when he (Kabimba) acted as president when President Sata was in Israel.

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  1. Badaala ba chama
    mwaminwa, leave the mightty wynter kabimba alone coz it’s non of yr busuness yrz is to tell yr party president the reeality ab’t yr party which is loosing popularity on a daily bases due to yr unfofiled promises.

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