LCC annoys street vendors

Street vendors on Lusaka’s Katondo street have expressed displeasure over Lusaka City Council (LCC)’s decision to make the unfinished building at the junction of Freedom Way and Katondo Street a collection point for garbage.

The vendors observed that making the central business area a collection point for garbage was posing a health risk to the public.

They noted that it was unsafe for the local authority to leave waste at a public place and collect it after a week.

“This is a central business area and there a lot of people here, it’s not safe especially for us who operate around here,” one of the vendors said..

The vendors have since called on LCC to consider moving the garbage collection point to an isolated area.

And when contacted, LCC public relation manager Mulunda Habeenzu explained that the site was the only place where council workers could have access .

“It’s very difficult to collect garbage in town because there are people everywhere, so we put the garbage there and collect it every weekened; we couldn’t find any other point apart from that area. It is easier for us to collect garbage from there.” Mr. Habeenzu said.

He said  it was unfair for street vendors to complain as they were the generators of waste.

Mr. Habenzu urged the street vendors to contribute to making the city clean by being mindful of where they threw their litter.

“What are they complaining about and how much are they paying for that waste which is collected there? They are just increasing the work for us, but we are doing everything we can to ensure that we carry the waste at our own cost.” he said.