Cartel to auction Zambia

REVELATIONS that the infamous cartel is investing billions of Kwacha into its campaign for the 2016 general elections should be treated as an emergency by the State because there is now a real danger that Zambia could be auctioned to the highest bidder whose agenda would not be to serve but to loot, the Christian Coalition has said.

Christian Coalition general secretary John Mwendapole has appealed to State investigative agencies to take an interest in the revelations because the cartel had the capacity of making the country ungovernable with their illicit money should its candidate fail to win the presidency

Reverend Mwendapole said any leader worth his salt would not use money and manipulation to win the votes from the electorate and that the cartel was a desperate and dangerous group of individuals who were using their socialist connections to unseat the Patriotic Front (PF) and President Edgar Lungu.

He said the members of the cartel were determined to have Government change hands next year and that there was a danger that the country could easily become a banana republic should Zambians make the mistake of entrusting the mandate to govern the country into wrong hands.

“These criminals know they have lost power and money which they used to enjoy and will go to any length to get it back. But the fear is what would be their next course of action if they failed to unseat President Lungu whom they hate with a passion? The security of the country is not only threatened by guns and other war weapons but by the illicit money that can be poured into the country’s political space and they sooner this is checked the safer for Zambia. This is a national emergency,” Rev Mwendapole said.

The Daily Nation has been informed that the cartel is procuring five helicopters and 50 Pajero vehicles for its campaigns next year which includes a highly orchestrated propaganda campaign against President Lungu and the PF.

The cartel has sponsored its cadres to some socialist countries to train in political mass mobilization and Rev Mwendapole said Government should treat the revelations as an emergency because should the clique succeed, Zambians would be forced to flee from their country because the cartel was a composition of brutal and undemocratic individuals.

Rev Mwendapole warned that when power became a matter of life and death, it was dangerous because such people were not aspiring for leadership to serve but to use their offices to amass wealth and build their financial empires.

“That the cartel is buying planes and 50 expensive vehicles apart from the money they will offload on the political space between now and next year is not only frightening but is also a sign that the country can easily be sold. Where is the money coming from and do you think such a leadership could serve the country? We have been talking about the cartel for a very long time and some of its members are well known but we have not seen any decisive action against them. I appeal to Government and State investigative agencies to take this as an emergency because if they delay, we are going to lose the country a group of individuals who are brutal and undemocratic,” Rev Mwendapole warned.

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  1. Rev. Mwendapole you are just a coward behind the pulpit. Stop misleading and scaring us. The truth is that the PF lies have caught up with them and the strong wind of change is blowing against them. So strong that you cant stop it we as Zambians will turn up in masses to vote the pathetic failures out. No one will mobilize us but the biting economy is viciously mobilizing us.

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