Sata’s family must stop Kabimba

WYNTER Kabimba should work out his own political survival and stop dragging late president Michael Sata’s name into the mud to gain sympathy and popularity from Zambians, the Patriotic Front (PF) has warned.

The ruling party has said late president Sata was “certainly turning in his grave” not because of what Mr Kabimba had been saying and insinuating but because of what the Rainbow Party leader did to the late head of state when he served as secretary general of the PF and Justice Minister.

PF member Frank Bwalya said late president Sata could also be turning in his grave because the PF and his family had allowed Mr Kabimba to continue using his name for his political campaigns.

He said Mr Kabimba betrayed Mr Sata by attempting to take over the leadership of the PF for which he was only invited as a member.

Fr Bwalya said it was true that Mr Sata was turning in his grave because Mr Kabimba whom he had sacked for among other reasons his clandestine ambitions to take over the leaderhip of the party had been allowed to praise him in his death when the Rainbow leader shunned his funeral.

Fr Bwalya said it was unfortunate that the PF and the familiy who knew the truth why Mr Mr Sata sacked Mr Kabimba as party secretary general and Justice Minister were not telling the nation and had allowed Mr Kabimba to continue using Mr Sata’s name in vain.

“It is true that Mr Sata is trunuing in his grave and part of the reasons are that people who are supposed to protect his name from political vouchers have not stopped them. The PF knows the truth why Mr Kabimba was fired and we have not been telling the Zambians. Mr Sata is turning in his grave not because of what Mr Kabimba has been saying but because of what the Rainbow Party leader attempted to do while Mr Sata was still alive. Mr Sata is wondering inn his grave why his family is tolerating Mr Kabimba to continue riding his name,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya said it was fortunate that late president Sata realised Mr Kabimba’s conduct was inimical to the growth and success of the PF and decided to fire him (Kabimba) unceremoniously and revoked his nomination as member of Parliament.

He said he was aware that soon after Mr Kabimba was sacked, he made several appeals to the late president to consider reinstating him but Mr Sata refused to meet the Rainbow Pary leader,

Fr Bwalya said that after Mr Kabimba realised that Mr Sata was not going to forgive him and his allies, they left PF and formed their Rainbow Party but that it was surprising that Mr Kabimba was using Mr Sata’s name to campaign.

“Mr Kabimba does not mean a word he says about Mr Sata and he never meant it when he proclaimed himself a true disciple of the late president. Mr Kabimba is of the wrong impression that the people who loved Mr Sata will also like him and vote for him. That is not going to happen because Zambians know how Mr Kabimba behaves when he has just a little power. We are warning Mr Kabimba that Mr Sata was the president of PF and head of state and should not be used by the Rainbow party in its campaigns. Let Mr Sata rest in peace,” Fr Bwalya said