ZDDM launches Zambian land for Zambians

The Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM)  has launched a “Zambian Land for Zambians” campaign to seek the support of all Zambians to stop the sale of Zambian land to foreigners.

ZDDM president Edwin Sakala said in the campaign, ZDDM would start collecting signature of citizens who were ready to join and support its call that Government must with immediate effect suspend the selling of Zambian land to foreigners.

He said ZDDM would not standby and watch foreign funded organizations mount pressure on Government to enact the Draft Constitution with bad clauses through a referendum.

Mr Sakala said proposed laws such as the ones that allowed Zambian land to be sold to foreigners should not be entertained.

He said it was a pity that some political parties and non-govermental organizations were against the Government road map supported by many Zambians that Parliament should enact some of the plain and straightforward clauses.

“We are not surprised that the Grand Coalition which is heavily funded by foreigners is aggressively against this road map and are demanding for a referendum which can easily push in bad laws such as the one which allows foreigners to buy Zambian land,” Mr. Sakala said.

He stated that his movement would not allow foreign funded organisations to continue diverting national attention away from what is supposed to top the Zambian national agenda which is the rate at which foreigners were buying off Zambian land and the unnecessary suffering and poverty related death rate in the country.

Mr Sakala said Zambian land was for Zambians and that no one alter that because of their selfish interest.

He noted that nations world-over fought for independence mainly to consolidate their sovereignty and control their land from which they expect to extract a decent living.

Mr Sakala said, however, that Zambians had fallen for foreign powers funding local organizations to shift national attention from cardinal issues of land and welfare of the majority population.

“Zambians have been made to believe that insulting each other and capitalizing on what they perceive as failures of those in power is what politics is all about without realizing that they all have an obligation to serve national interest above personal and political party interest.” he said.

He said the deliberate misunderstanding of politics and democracy has cost Zambians a chance to benefit from their abundant natural wealth. Mr Sakala said it was extremely sad that some Zambians were wasting their time and energy insulting each other and blaming their leaders even on issues of a global nature.

“The small Zambian population is supposed to enjoy one of the highest and best quality of life on the African continent, because Zambia is very rich but unfortunately demonic forces have been using some of their local agents to breed division,” Mr. Sakala explained.