2 Lozi indunas ditch the Kuta



TWO senior indunas of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) of Western Province have resigned from their position at the Kuta, the highest law-making organ of the establishment, in Limulunga.

And Induna Inete confirmed to the Daily Nation that he and his Induna, Imandi, decided to leave the Kuta on their own.

Induna Inete said he could not say much over his decision as it was against the Lozi tradition, but it was sufficient to state that he was no longer at the Kuta and was back to his village in Limulunga.

“Yes I can confirm that I have left the Kuta and I am going back to my village, but I cannot say much because that will be against our custom,” he said.

However highly placed sources in Limulunga hinted that the Indunas resigned upon hearing that the Kuta had suspended  them from their positions on allegations that they were responsible for obstacles and misleading the Litunga on  the controversial Barotse Agreement of 1964.

The sources told the Daily Nation that, there was celebration in Limulunga when the two indunas resigned their positions, adding that  many more indunas were expected to resign to reduce tension in the village.

They further disclosed that the two Indunas were under pressure from members of public over their alleged concealed activities which it is claimed sowed  bad seeds of misery in Limulunga and the entire region.

And a prominent Lozi traditionalist Prince Charles Ngalama said the Indunas were holding their positions on behalf of the people who had a right to decide what to do with them.

Prince Ngalama said the people of Western Province were vindicated because they had before cautioned the Litunga to be careful with his indunas.

He alleged that even the Litunga was now in pressure because his trusted indunas had resigned from their positions.

Prince Ngalama advised the Litunga to be consulting the people when it came to issues of tradition, adding that there were people who appeared to be misleading the Litunga on reason that best suit their interests.

“We warned sometime back that there was crisis at the Kuta but we were accused of creating confusion, and we want to tell even those who have remained that they will go but the tradition will remain,” he said.

Prince Ngalama, a member of the Lozi Royal family claimed that the Indunas at the Kuta were not handling the issues of tradition properly, and therefore many of them were expected  to step down.

He said issues of tradition and custom should not be personalized, adding that the Lozi culture was well known for abiding by its tradition and rebelling against the culture had its own consequences.