Cartel after PF power


THE cartel is about to unleash billions of illicit money into the country’s political space and the State should be swift in curtailing its activities, says Paradius Sakala

Mr Sakala who been appointed new  Sinda district commissioner has warned  that any delays in containing the cartel  would have serious consequences because its members want the ruling party to surrender power to the fountain of evil.

Mr Sakala said the Patriotic Front (PF) was enjoying the support of the majority of Zambians who have constantly warned about the activities of the cartel but that there had been inertia by the State security wings to investigate the allegations.

Mr Sakala said Zambians were wondering why cases of leaked and stolen classified Government documents and secrets often died naturally even after the State had complained.

He wondered why the Zambia Police Service and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) were not eager to investigate cases such as the 2015 national budget which was leaked to the media before it was presented to Parliament.

He said if Zambians had been demanding for the ACC to reopen investigations into the Trafigura oil scandal in which Zambia lost US$250 million in a deal that saw former PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba and now Rainbow Party leader summoned by the commission.

Mr Sakala said the cartel had been in the business of clandestine activities for a long time and had smartly mastered the art of fraudulency, crookedness and propagating hate speech to the extent that it was capable of causing an uprising against a siting government.

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed and the tradition of claiming that we know the cartel and its activities without taking any action is going to eat the PF one day. This talk about the cartel buying planes and a fleet of expensive vehicles is well known by the party because it was there even before president Michael Sata died,

“The cartel is a composition of criminally clever people and they will not bring or register their planes in the name of their political party or its leader. They will register them from outside Zambia and will bring them in and use our air space. This is why our security wings must consider this as an emergency,” Mr Sakala said.

Mr Sakala said the individual members of the cartel were known and that some of their corrupt activities were well documented but that it was worrying that there had been deliberate inertia from investigative wings to get to the bottom of the cases.

He said the police had abandoned the case in which finance minister Alexander Chikwanda became a victim of illegal and criminal secret recordings at his residence while the matter in which a classified letter to late president Sata from the finance minister was leaked to the media  and seemed to have been dropped.

“I appeal to the powers that be that they must act now because next year will be too late. The cartel has been a deadly cancer eating into our governance system and there had no any form of treatment,

“Why do we fear to reopen the Trafigura oil scandal so that the matter is brought to  its logical conclusion because there are many questions that have not been answered,” Mr Sakala said.