Chowa maternity clinic gets K100,000 Kabwe council approval


Kabwe’s Chowa maternity clinic which is being built as a community initiative has received K100,000 from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to complete the remaining works, a move which has cheered Njanji ward councillor Cornelius Katiti.

He said that the project which had stalled was now geared to be completed by March 2016 following the injection of cash.

Mr Katiti said the facility which would have eight bed spaces will help mitigate maternal problems in about four wards which did not have such facilities.

“I wish to confirm that we have received funding of K100,000 from CDF and from this fund the project will be completed and will also enable us to procure the beds and other equipment. As you may be aware the catchment area is quite big and covers about four wards. This will help mitigate the maternal challenges our mothers have been facing and I am glad that the council has approved our project,” Mr. Katiti said.

The facility which is located at Chowa Health Centre is being built by Zamblock Contractors and was recently a subject of controversy when Mr. Katiti refused to sign for more funds from CDF, arguing that the works did not merit the amount of money that was being demanded.

The community expressed displeasure with the civic leader’s attitude and argued that the project was initially commenced by the community but that resources had run out hence their decision to rush to the CDF allocation.

And a health worker at the facility who sought anonymity said lack of a full-fledged maternity ward at the clinic was making it difficult for the staff to attend to maternity cases and ended up referring them to Kabwe General Hospital while others delivered at home using traditional birth attendants.

“Without a full-fledged maternity ward, we have been unable to attend to these cases in the vicinity so once it becomes operational we shall respond adequately. We however need an ambulance to respond to these cases because some people resort to delivering at home and only called us when faced with problems,” she said.