Kafisali residents protest against water pollution


RESIDENTS of Kafisali Township in Chingola district on the Copperbelt province have petitioned Government to deal with a Chinese Mining Company operating in the area over the continued pollution of the dam which was the only source of water in the area.

The residents who petitioned Government through Chingola District Commissioner Philip Kalima said the Chinese Mining Company which has been operating in the area for six years now has continued disposing pollutants into the dam.

The residents said efforts to have the mining company find alternative places for the disposal of the chemicals had failed as the mining owners expressed lack of concern for the lives of the community around the mining company.

The residents who stormed the office of the District commissioner said they would not continue drinking contaminated water, adding that Government should act now and stop the Chinese company from polluting the only source of drinking water.

“Ba DC ubuteko bulikwisa when people can be made to drink contaminated water where these Chinese Mining Companies are disposing of chemicals in the dam we drink from. It is our appeal to government to stop this Chinese Mining Company,” said the residents.

The residents claim that China Copper Mining had been dumping acid, oil and other chemicals in the dam since it started mining activities in the area about six years ago.

The contaminated dam was also affecting fish and livestock which was another source of income for the people in the area.

And Chingola District Commissioner Philip Kalima assured the residents that experts would soon be deployed to the area to investigate the concerns and come up with recommendations to the Government.