Kariba Dam water level


Dear Editor,

I enjoy reading the Daily Nation because it provides a unique perspective and in-depth look at issues in Zambia.

Unsurprisingly, there was something unique and in-depth in the issue of September  1, 2015 of the Daily Nation, in which a photo essay featured how the Kariba Dam looks today with the dwindling water way down the spill gates and in contrast, how it normally looks with the spill gates opened in full throttle.

It captivates as a photo combo because it simply provides a picture of the real situation obtaining at Kariba Dam.

There is clearly a much bigger story behind the Kariba Dam’s status quo as well as the causes for planned increase in load-shedding by ZESCO.

It is undoubtable that provision of reliable electricity to the ever-increasing, electricity-starved people of Zambia is the key towards freeing them from the vicious cycle of poverty with its negative consequences of unemployment, political instability and a host of other unnamable evils.

As an avid reader of the Daily Nation, the photo essay in the  1st September 2015 edition is the most captivatingly apropos and apt.

I have ever read and seen since the country started experiencing the power deficit.

Perhaps what is lacking now is not more knowledge but the will and ability to begin converting the vast sunlight we have into solar power, so that ZESCO’s load-shedding is curtailed and economic development can be realized.

So, when was the last time the spill gates at Kariba Dam opened? I will welcome an answer from Zambezi River Authority on this question.

 Mubanga Luchembe,