Malpractice free exams doubtful-Mkosha



The Ministry of Education cannot guarantee a malpractice-free examinations because it is difficult to conduct a 100% malpractice free examination, Education permanent secretary Chishimba Nkosha has said.

He said this was because some people pulled all kinds of stunts such as trying to impersonate others to write examinations for them while others smuggled in some examination-related materials.

Dr. Nkosha said just like in other countries, it was difficult for the ministry to eradicate examination malpractices.

“Sometimes pupils try to smuggle in some exam-related materials and then they are caught. Others even get national registration cards in the names of the people they want to write for, that one we come to learn about it later. Some hide answers in underpants, so it’s difficult to detect,” he said. Dr Nkosha however said the ministry has achieved its intention of ensuring that whenever pupils are writing examinations, there are completely no leakages, and he is hopeful that it will be maintained even in this year’s exams. He said police took 100 percent control when it came to searching examination candidates as they have to do a thorough check before pupils enter examination rooms. Dr Nkosha said the police took over because some teachers sometimes played a role in the malpractice cases.

He said there was a security committee which comprised provincial education officers which strategied every year before examinations in Lusaka.

Dr Nkosha said the ministry would ensure examination papers were secured in  strong-rooms while schools which did not have would not be designated into examination centres.

“Previously, people used to take exam papers to schools. But this time if you look at Lusaka for example, there is only one strongroom where we put examination papers, so that in the morning the papers are taken to schools,” he said.

Mr. Nkosha said the ministry had already implemented the plans to deliver School Certificate Examinations (SCE) form General Certificate Education (GCE) in the just ended GCE examinations.