Millers projects lower flour prices


The price of flour is likely to go down following the projected increase in production of the commodity, says Millers Association of Zambia  (MAZ) president Allan Sakala .

The Zambia National Farmers Union has projected an increase in the production of wheat and barley in 2015.

Mr. Sakala said the increase in wheat production would help stabilize the price of flour on the market.

He said the country was currently importing wheat but that when the new crop was harvested there would be no importation which will cause prices of flour to reduce.

“The reason why the price of flour was increased was due to the kwacha depreciation. Millers had to adjust the prices,” Mr Sakala said.

He said  Zambia as a country is not yet on the level to start exporting wheat as there were few farmers that grew wheat in the country.

Mr Sakala said there was need to invest in the seed so that the country could also start exporting