Mulongoti a weighed down politician


Dear Editor,

Leader of People’s Party Mike Mulongoti, to me, is a weighed down politician who also appears to have completely lost direction.

I am completely disappointed and sickened by him because he has worked in Government for man years before and knows exactly what  fund-raising is all about.

To cry like a baby over last Sunday’s PF  fund-raising golf at State House, is being infantile for lack of a better term.

Mr Mulongoti please understand that there was no money stolen from any one during that function.

The tournament was meant to raise money from well-wishers. And just because perhaps you did not have a Kwacha to donate to Kasisi orphanage those with money did.

It is not money from the Ministry of Finance. This money is from donors with passion for the less-privileged and of course with financial muscle

Mr Mulongoti, you are a tested politician but I do not know why you choose to bring yourself to the level of green horns? If it is the cartel using you I will probably understand why.

That is precisely the heartbreak with our opposition which all it knows are verbal abuse and politics of odium and sadism.

Our country has serious challenges and I don’t think this the time to engage in trivial politics.

Let’s all unite and find a common facade to what is taking place in our beautiful country like what the Germans did after the Second World War.

Insults or cheap denigration of Government will not take Zambia anywhere.


Malani Sakala

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