Todays Text Messages

Golf  tournaments at

state house


These people truly hate Edgar Lungu and his family. It is fault that the people of Zambia put them in State House. Charity golf tournaments are not new to State House. Second Republican President Dr. Frederick Chiluba hosted many fund raising tournaments for charity and his institute. Dr. Kaunda also used the golf course for various purposes. Come on, Mulongoti, give the first family a break.





Don’t give cartel chance to

destroy Zambia


I would like through your transparent paper to advise Zambians not to give the cartel chance to destroy our country as they have nothing to offer than personal agenda. We should not be carried away with their air and road transport they have acquired with their dubious resources. The only weapon to shame them is to turn up in numbers and vote for the party with the vision for our country.

 Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka



Blame Kabimba for the Nkoya/Lozi hatred


Kabimba should be disciplined by the BRE for bringing hatred between the Nkoyas and the Lozis. If it were not for the wisdom of Mr Sata to stop his manoeuvres, this time Mwene Mutondo would be the paramount chief of the Nkoyas. Therefore, abash Kabimba in Western Province. We want a unifier in Western Province.





Cartel’s planes and vehicles from criminal activities


Those helicopters and Pajeros the cartel has ordered, if true, are through suspected proceeds of crime, the State should not release them. The State must be very firm on this one. The cartel forgot that sending Mr Liato to prison without proving the case beyond reasonable doubt, they were setting a very bad precedent which one day could work against them.

Micky, Lusaka 




Let’s pray for rains


We claim that Zambia is a Christian nation but where is our faith. It is high time we put our heads and faith together and pray for rains in our country. Just imagine having total black out! Let us pray to our God to have mercy on us. We cannot afford this country being on standstill; we should declare a day of prayer. It is only through prayer that things can change for better,

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka 




Bogus clergy, politicians

slowing down development


Zambia’s progress is being frustrated by enemies of this great nation. We have politicians and some bogus clergy whose hands are full of dirty soil. This soil is full of retribution, hate speech, jealousy, vengeance, ego, fear, bias, greed and all other negative attributes of life. If we discard this junk and replace it with love, peace, collaboration, consultation, coexistence, unity, civil language and above all God fearing citizens we can truly embrace out One Zambia One motto.

Chanda Mulenga, Lusaka




Nawakwi should  leave

Mrs Lungu alone


Leadership is instituted by God whether Edith Nawakwi or cartel or any other people like it or not. Edgar is the President of Zambia and Esther is the first lady. What was good for previous presidents and first ladies should be good for President Lungu and his wife. Who told Nawakwi that Mrs. Lungu is prohibited from performing humanitarian duties?


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  1. The cartel arecriminals who should be caged. They want to cause confusion in the nation by creating sponsored riots. They can do anything just to remove ligitimate govt. Please let the security personel watch them abd the state house act. They will create problems ii order fir citizens to rise against govt through dishing blood money.

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