UPND canes Fr Bwalya over POA


OPPOSITION UPND has accused Father Frank Bwalya of supporting the infamous Public Order Act. 

UPND special assistant and presidential spokesperson (Special Duties) Edward Mumbi said Fr. Bwalya’s support of the manner their Vice President for Adminstration Geoffrey Bwalya was treated by the Police in Kasama showed that he supported the act.

But Fr. Bwalya has urged UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to order his party vice president GBM to behave and respect the rule of law rather than creating trouble for himself and the country at large.

Mr. Mumbi said Fr. Bwalya was a merchant of confusion in the country, adding that his failure to understand the need for the respect of the freedoms of movements, association and expression should be a source of concern for everyone.

He said not too long ago, Fr. Bwalya was arrested in Kasama for expressing himself and Zambians fought for his release because the PF then under late President Michael Sata abused the Public Order Act and other laws.

Mr. Mumbi said it was therefore, important that Fr. Bwalya reflect on his statement which was misplaced and misguided, adding that disparaging the UPND leader for warning the PF to stop the abuse of the POA law was

But Fr. Bwalya said he will not support any illegality especially what GBM was doing in Kasama.

He said it was clear that the UPND vice preside was conducting himself in a manner that would create anarchy in the nation if not stopped.

“It is clear that GBM is conducting himself in a manner which is likely to breach the order of peace and we know that he wants to get arrested himself now and this is a scheme of the UPND to cry foul that the PF and police are harassing opposition leaders which is not the case.

They want to portray themselves as if they are the victim of police harassment when they are not following laws,” said Fr. Bwalya.

Fr. Bwalya said he was extremely shocked that UPND leader Hichilema was supporting such lawlessness, “If these people are voted into power they will not respect the laws that govern this country.

If they were given power ‘God forbid’ lawlessness will reign in this country.

He has since urged Mr. Hichilema to show leadership by ensuring that hic vice president GBM behaves and conducted himself like a vice president and not as an ordinary cadre.