Vicious cartel means business


Dear Editor,

That the cartel is now buying planes and vehicles for the 2016 is not a measly joke. They mean business.

To treat them with kid’s gloves will only prove perilous to the ruling party if it does not put its house in order for next year.

What I see is total battle from which only the fittest will come out breathing. The opposition is not a push over in my view. It certainly will be a force to reckon with in 2016.

You can see the anxiety of the cartel which has productively employed agents in  nearly all opposition parties, church, NGOs and the likes who I think are doing a swell job.

I can assure Zambians, particularity President Lungu and PF that the insults and hate speech will increase next year and which could hoodwink many people.

Some of us who have read novels by a well known British novelist James Hardley Chase learnt something about the hazard of underrating one’s enemies.

In one of his novels, Mr Chase wrote that underestimating the power of your opponent no matter how weak they may look, is a sure way of buying a one-way ticket to a local cemetery.

So my appeal to the PF is that they should start to take the bull by the horn.

The opposition has done a lot of knocking, and in my opinion, it is time the ruling party showed what its good political muscles are made of.


Mary Chibaubula