Wusakile residents rise against councillor



SOME residents of Wusakile township in Kitwe have risen against their ward councillor Dave Simunyola for allegedly working with a named businessman to take over the operations at the Wusakile slug dump popularly known as the Black Mountain.

But Mr Simunyola said he was working with the businessman to bring order at the Black Mountain and ensure that the community were benefiting from the gate-takings in various ways.

The residents told the Daily Nation that Mr Simunyola’s decision to gang up with the businessman to grab the Black Mountain from the youths was purely personal and he should not tell lies that he was doing it in the interest of the Wusakile community.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Andrew Kaluba claimed that Mr Simunyola and other PF officials like Chibote ward councillor Webster Malama, Luangwa ward councillor Evaristo Chilufya and Chamboli ward councilor Sydney Njovu were allegedly helping businessman to take over the operations of the Black Mountain using their political influence.

Mr Kaluba said although the youths at the Black Mountain had their own problems they were much better off than working for the businessman.

“These PF councillors are working with a businessman to take over the running of the Black Mountain from the youths.

So in the process, they are sweet-talking people that they want to bring order at the mountain, when in actual fact they want to win the battle and give the mountain to the businessman.

One resident identified as Stephen Mwelwa said it was not true that the named businessman wanted to help the community of Wusakile.

“He has mines in North-Western Province, why are the workers complaining?” Mr Mwelwa, said.

In response, Mr Simunyola said people who were accusing him of all sorts of things were being used by people who hated him and wanted him to fail.

Mr Simunyola said he was not being used by the named businessman but that as ward councillor he wanted things to move in an orderly manner and ensure that money from the Black Mountain benefited the community.

“There are some people who are not happy to see me as councillor and want me to fail. This is why every day, they are accusing me of all sorts of things, but I will continue doing my job,” Simunyola said.