A demonstration should have a goal


I have no sympathy for students who demonstrate without a goal. Only lazy students demonstrate.

Tell me what project you have been working on that will add value to our country then l will be sympathetic.

If there is nothing you plan to work on as a challenging project, then you are just a noise maker.

We are working very hard as a country to make sure people who do not even deserve the scholarship, grants or bursaries get them.

What do these students do burn things on the road used by the same people who pay the taxes that pay for their education. Shame on you!!

You have a student’s union use it to air your grievances. If your union is not up for it’s task let them go and choose a new one.

Having students demonstrate shows that their student’s union executive is just there for personal benefits. Having students burn roads which is vandalism shows that our future is blank as people at the highest institution in the country just know how to demonstrate by vandalism.

The ring leaders of this aimless demonstration should be arrested and if they are receiving any bursaries.

The grant should be scrapped from them and given to students who are ready to study and add value to their lives, community and country.

Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba.