How to curtail the cartel


I WOULD like to add to the voice of former Home Affairs minister Peter Machungwa who challenged the security wings and tax authorities to immediately launch investigations into where the cartel was sourcing its money to procure five helicopters and fifty Pajero vehicles for its campaigns next year (Daily Nation, September 2, 2015).

The cartel’s impunity in Zambia must come to an end now. This is not a prophecy but it is high time every well-meaning Zambian contributed one way or the other to bring an end to this long-standing impunity.

Are the cartel moles in the civil service blind to the patently obvious? Predictably, things have turned out rather ugly for the cartel.

Others long cautioned the pair against the headlong  plunge into the war of words against the current PF government without restraint.  Now the ugly aftermath is threatening the cartel’s economic and political survival.

In desperation, they want to focus on sourcing illicit funds for the importation of helicopters and Pajero motor vehicles as 2016 general elections draw closer.  But the folly of incessant slander and hate speech against President Edgar Lungu from various good-for-nothing opposition leaders keeps hogging the headlines of the Post newspaper.

The cartel have fudged, ducked and dived, but no, the story about their unethical, uncouth and acrimonious political and media behavior just won’t go away.

As a security-conscious Zambian, I am contributing in my own way to bringing an end to the cartel’s evil deeds  with the following suggestions: the security wings and tax authorities must live up to their expectations by bringing to book the cartel’s wrongdoers, or the top officials in these state agencies must be dismissed without any delays for failing the entire Zambian nation.

Mubanga Luchembe,