NAREP supports govt on enacting constitution in stages


THERE was nothing wrong with Government’s proposed way of enacting the Constitution in stages says National Restoration Party vice President Charles Maboshe.

And Mr Maboshe has called on all stakeholders to come together and allow changes that can be made through Parliament go ahead, and have the rest of the issues go through referendum as required in 2016.

“As a nation let us come together for once by compromising and moving forward in putting in place a new constitution,” he said.

Mr Maboshe said there was no doubt that everyone wanted a new constitution to be in place before the tri-partite elections in 2016 in order to have a level playing field.

“It is also a known fact that PF Government has no capacity to enact the new constitution through referendum. As it is required if we are to touch Part III Bill of Rights,” Mr Maboshe said. He therefore said everyone should not play into the hands of the PF by giving them excuses of not putting a new constitution in place for the coming elections. And Mr Maboshe said NAREP was in support of the proposal to be funding political parties ahead of the general elections.

“We strongly support this as it will encourage and consolidate democracy,” he said.

Mr Maboshe said it would also improve relationship between the party in Government and opposition parties by acknowledging that they were all funded by the national cake.

He said it would further help the Zambia Police understand that the opposition parties were officials and funded by state just like them and had a right to exist.