People acquiring land illegally face prosecution


Government  will prosecute people who deliberately buy land in an illegal manner including those selling  and allocate land illegally, says deputy local government minister Nicholas Banda.

Mr Banda said  by-laws had been  provided for  punitive measures against people who bought land in such a manner.

He said the ministry intended  to  take serious action  against offenders, as land offences had become  pandemic in the nation.

“People should know that when land is acquired illegally ownership will be reversed. It’ll be grabbed back from them, and so they’ll lose.

“ They should not buy in an illegal manner because once discovered they’ll lose their money, and at the same time they can face prosecution,” he said.

Mr Banda said the Patriotic Front (PF) Government had come out very clear over illegal land allocation and warned that culprits would be brought to book.

“Beginning from local authorities, councillors, planners that identify land, all staff that is responsible for managing this land, they should only implement land allocation on legal terms where clearance has been given and clear land alienation has been done, and not illegally” he said.

Meanwhile Mr. Banda has encouraged all local authorities to put forth initiatives that were going to take on board proper management of garbage, as a part of the “Make Zambia Clean” project which was rebranded in 2013.

He said there would never be a time when there will completely no garbage, but Zambians should keep putting in efforts in insuring that the country got clean.

“This is an on-going effort; stakeholders have come on board and are working very closely with local authorities in many areas. Lusaka City Council has gone into engagement under public private partnership, this seemingly is working out,” he said.

Mr. Banda also said that the ministry was carrying mass sensitization programmes so as to ensure that people remove the mind set of leaving garbage to local authorities as they were the first step to keeping the country clean.

“The media too should be involved like the way you are interviewing me right now, if it gets published, people will read that the responsibility is not only for local authorities and Government, but the citizens themselves who must keep their environments clean,” he said.