Police get ready for Solwezi West by election

Police in Solwezi are ready to provide security during the forthcoming Solwezi west parliamentary by-election, says the region’s deputy commissioner of police Frank Mumbuna.

We will pursue individuals who break the law in their own capacities, we will not look at the political party the individual is coming from,” Mr Mumbuna warned

Speaking when he featured on a live radio programme, Mr Mumbuna said the police were adequately prepared to for the by election and officers had already been deployed in the area.

Mr Mumbuna  said police liaison officers have been assigned to all participating political parties as mode of easy transmitting information to the speriors for further instructions.

“We are very ready for the by election and we will ensure that any law breaker is brought to book regardless of the party they are coming from,”Mr. Mumbuna warned.

He said despite the constituency having one police post,  more officers will be deployed in all polling stations.

He said people should not complain of the police presence in the area because their existence was to make sure that peace prevailed during and after elections.

“The huge police presence should  not scare peoplebecause they are there specifically to maintain peace and order,” said Mr mumbuna

He has warned would-be perpatrators of violence to refrain or face the wrath of the law. Solwezi West fall vacant after the death of area member of parliament Mr Humphrey Mwanza.