Reason and rationality

Slowly but almost surely our politics are drifting away from the realm of reason, reality and rationality.

Reality which should be apprehended through logic, rationality and discursive reason has been subjected to the tyranny of sectionalism and party schism.

Comments on such serious issues as the performance of the economy are invariably value ridden bereft of any form of cogent reasoning and prognosis.

Max Weber has stated that value or belief-oriented action is undertaken for reasons intrinsic to the actor, which may either be ethical, aesthetic or religious.

Whatever the case, the politician is expected to exhibit the capacity of thinking through issues in an orderly to arrive at an informed judgment that exhibits logical and sequential reasoning. It is such logic that will withstand verification and scrutiny.

Sadly this is not the case with our politics.

Intellect or indeed rationality has no room in the scheme of Zambian politics where contradictions are the norm rather than the exception. Extreme and highly pervasive ridiculousness stand unchallenged and are flaunted with an almost schizophrenic fervor.

This is an effectual model based on feelings and emotions rather than a rationality based on cogent fact and reality.

The greatest danger is that the resulting debate is shrouded in inanities rather than issues of substance.

Zambia for example is currently caught in an economic down turn driven in main by the drop in base metal prices which in turn has been seriously affected by the Chinese economic downturn.

The resultant global dysfunction has not spared the developed world which has also suffered reversals although not to the extent that Zambia and other primary producers are facing.

Instead of recognizing this reality and therefore seek to ameliorate and work with existing circumstances to develop the economy towards diversity and  secondary production, the opposition has latched on this opportunity to win political scores that are at best mindless.

The current global crisis that has seen our more prosperous neighbor suffer one of the worst monitory crisis with the ran reaching an all time of law SAR 14 per US$, must give us the impetus for change and renewed determination to develop a resilient economy dependant on national and regional integration given that Comesa, Sadc and the east African community are traversing a course of greater

Even in our diversity and political plurality, reason and rationalism will dictate that we seek a synergy of purpose to overcome the almost insurmountable economic, social and political problems that we confront.

This reality will confront any government that comes into power for as long as Zambia remains as a developing mono economy dependant on the export of primary products