Todays Text Messages

Zambia’s security wings



I have no doubt in my mind and probably in the minds of many peaceful and law abiding Zambians that our security wings are compromised. Surely how does the cartel buy so many vehicles and helicopters without carrying out investigations to establish the source of money?





Let’s guard Zambia against

the cartel


Let us guard our country against the cartel because it is a dangerous group to our economy and security. If one or two people within this group can fail to pay back loans and remit taxes to Government, what would happen if they came into power and started controlling Government resources? Abash cartel.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka.



Urgently solve UNZA problems


The Government should address the problems at UNZA urgently and not wait for more demonstrations. When results are withheld it is the students who suffer and not the lecturers. Right now there are adverts from the ministry of defence and we are unable to apply because we do not have results.

Affected student.





Daily Nation should reach all

corners of Zambia 


As one of the transparent media houses, the Daily Nation newspaper should quickly reach all corners of the country so that citizens can know exactly how Zambia is moving especially before the 2016 general elections. I salute you Daily Nation please keep it up.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka





Chibombo residents cheer Daily Nation


Now we can get Daily Nation at Liteta in Chibombo. It is a wonderful thing and we are happy for the good work you are doing. Please increase the pages.





RTSA should cage unruly bus drivers


RTSA must address all bus drivers to respect passengers as people with precious lives instead of rushing for profits and this may minimize road carnage. Just a thought!

Senior citizen.




Explain low water levels at

Kariba Dam


We are told by the ministry of agriculture that this year we had a bumper crop harvest, meaning we had enough rains. But on the other hand ZESCO says we have low water levels at Kariba Dam hence the load shedding we are experiencing. This is confusing, we need a proper explanation.

W.N, Lusaka.





UPND brags about its



When UPND comes to power next year, I want to assure all meaningful Zambians that all the problems we are facing will come to an end. I assure you the issue of the economy will be the story of the past because we know what type of leaders UPND has in place. Leaders that think of the ordinary helpless Zambian on the street, that and has plan for Zesco. We need to think wisely next year so that we can stop complaining.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka.