Chief gives away land for infrastructure



Chief Kanyesha of Luano district has offloaded 3,414 hectares of land to Government to enable the construction of various infrastructures following the proclamation of the area as a district by President Michael Sata (late).

The landmark donation has cheered Central Province Davies Chisopa who said Government would now move into the area with full force to build office and residential buildings for various Government departments and ministries.

The chief said he was pleased to contribute to government’s development efforts.

“I am pleased to make this donation you are witnessing today. This fight to make Luano a district started way back in the days of President Fredrick Chiluba whom I approached then it went on to the days of President Levy Mwanawasa through to Mr. Rupiah Banda and until when President Sata came into office. I am very happy and I hope it will bring development to the area,” said the chief during the signing ceremony with government and Luano district officials at the Boma hall in Kabwe on Wednesday.

And Mr Chisopa said that there were sufficient funds for infrastructure development in all the areas that have been declared districts.

He said Government was alive to the fact that service delivery was greatly hampered due to lack of infrastructure hence with such gestures of traditional leaders, there would be full force applied to build infrastructure.

Mr. Chisopa who is also Mkushi South PF parliamentarian said that there would be planned development in the district to avoid the mushrooming of ugly shanty compounds.

He also announced that there were some corporate organisations that have shown interest in public private partnership (PPP) projects.

“We have taken into account the issue of coordinated development and will not allow poor infrastructure. Let me also assure you that Government has enough money to erect structures for civil servants and other government departments like the council civic centre, police and others. There is also interest among private institutions who have are willing to partner with government,” he said.

Meanwhile, chief Kanyesha said that he has banned commercial charcoal burning in his chiefdom and anyone found wanting risked being punished.

The traditional leader was answering questions from journalists on deforestation due to rampant cutting down of trees owing to charcoal burning.

“There is no commercial charcoal burning in my chiefdom. The only charcoal burning you will find in the area is for domestic use and anyone found breaking the law risks being punished. So you won’t find any charcoal burning in my area,” the chief said.

Luano, in spite of its rich agriculture potential has remained under developed as many people fled the area due to the terror that was caused by the notorious Mailoni brothers who were elusive to security personnel until they were gunned down by soldiers in 2013.