Todays Text Messages

Let us learn to use dialogue 


Work stoppages and go slows at Unza and UTH are caused by insincerity by the employee and lack of understanding by the employees of the financial position of the employer. In short lack of dialogue creates suspicion and mistrusts which results in the employees resorting to such action. Government should not engage firefighting but address issues before they leave the loop. 

James A.D Lungu




Mr Changala is right


Yes, Mr Changala’s observation on the post is correct (Daily Nation 3rd September, 2015). Accordingly the Government must stop using the paper for their adverts. Besides they don’t even pay tax why give them business.

Micky, Lusaka


Be careful with the cartel


Very few rich people make good leaders at political level. God does not give everything to one person. Dr Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, RB, Sata and now Edgar have that history of humility and have the people at heart while the rich have wealth at heart. Zambians know that. I urge President Lungu to check the cartel. He should not be too sweet and too bitter but moderate to avoid being swallowed or spat respectively. “Gule alowa m’modzi-modzi mthamwe”. Now it is PF until Zambians decide otherwise.

P.M Zulu





Stop them before they stop the nation


I really feel better when I am reading you good and non-partisan newspaper. With the plan to destroy our nation by the cartel is rooming I want to appeal to all peace lovers of this nation to stand up and attack the cartel before they bring civil war they are a small number of politicians and the media houses whom we cannot fail to handle. They have stolen our money in so many ways now it is time to sort them out and continue with PF. There is a newspaper which has joined politics so we have to start facing them in the political arena.





Vengeance belongs to God


Ba Nawakwi the Bible is very clear, let God deal with vengeance and revenge. Remember when you were in charge of finances no single person liked you. You used to shop for your man abroad, especially the post they used to say it all. Stop abusing that for a, if you are tired retire with that little honor your family notices.

Kateule, Lusaka 




Let’s improve our kwacha by exports


If our kwacha is going to improve we need to start exporting goods and services to other countries. The problem is that we are an importing country. Almost everything we have in shops are imported goods including vegetables. This is what is causing our kwacha to lose value, because we are buying things from outside.

W.N, Lusaka





Lungu needs support


We need to work together as a country if things are going to improve for the better. We should not waste our time and energy promoting hatred and divisions. Things can get better if we put our heads together. I also think the president should call for a national indaba to find solutions to the many probl4ems our country is faced with. We need each other for this country to develop. President Lungu on his own cannot do much, he needs the support of every well-meaning Zambian

. Patson, Lusaka