Confusion rocks BRE Limulunga Kuta

 PRESSURE is mounting on the Barotse Royal Establishment’s Kuta in Limulunga with people in the region calling for its dissolution following the resignation of two senior Indunas.

And information obtained indicates that the highest law-making organ of the establishment in Limulunga has called for a meeting that is expected to take place tomorrow to explain to the people on the current situation at the Kuta.

Sources in Limulunga revealed that the Litunga was under pressure from the public regarding the abrogation of the alleged Barotse National Council of 2012 who are now demanding for the resignation of all the Indunas.

The BNC had resolved that the people of Western Province should exercise their right to revert to Barotseland statehood so that the people determine their political, cultural, social and economic development. And Lozi traditionalist Muketoi Imenda said the only way to bring sanity at the Kuta was to dissolve the organs and bring people who would be able to follow the right procedures.

Mr Imenda said he was not surprised to learn that two senior indunas from the Kuta had resigned from their positions, alleging that the Kuta had betrayed the people of Barotseland for failure to state their position on the controversial issues that were raised by the people.

He cautioned the Litunga to consider the resolutions made by the people if peace and harmony was to be restored in the region.

“We did not trust most of the Indunas at the Kuta because of what was happening and many of the things there had gone wrong as if we don’t have people who know about the traditional norms and values.

“It will be helpful if the Kuta is dissolved so that everything is back to normal otherwise we will continue to have a disfunctional Kuta which is working against the decisions of the people,” he said.

Mr Imenda claimed that there was something wrong with the current Kuta, which he said had failed to function, alleging that the name of the Litunga had been put into disrepute because of the people operating closely with him.

Last week, two senior Indunas of Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) of Western Province resigned from their position at the Kuta following allegations that they were responsible for the obstacles and misleading the Litunga on the controversial Barotse Agreement of 1964.