Govt warns LCC over land in Libala Stage 1

The Ministry of Local Government  has warned of stern action against Lusaka City Council if it is proved that it is involved in illegal allocation of land in Libala stage 1 to a developer.

Deputy minister for  local government Mr Nicholas Banda said the land in question has been allocated  to a man who was putting up a structure which will result in the closure of two road outlets thereby inconveniencing motorists especially on Nationalist Road.

Mr Banda said  already the  act has raised tempers among residents in the area.

He said that if this is proved to  be an illegal practice, then both parties involved risked  prosecution in the courts of because no one was above the law.

Mr Banda said it was important for everyone including the planning department   at the local authority to avoid such situations. He however said he suspected that the individual was allocated the land illegally without the knowledge of LCC.

And Mr Chiza Gondwe, the man who claims to have gotten the land in question through right procedures insisted he would not have the courage to put up a building at the location if he did not have permission from the council.

“You know residents always talk about things they don’t know. Why don’t you go and verify with the council if the land is illegal or not.

“I am actually building if you have passed through there you will see it for yourself. In Zambia, to build you need to have approved drawings and title deeds. This is a very busy road, if it were an illegal thing, I think by now they were going to break our structures. We cannot build on our own, it’s not possible,” he said.

When contacted for a comment, LCC assistant public relations manager Brenda Katongola said she could not comment on the matter until after contacting the council director of lands.

Ms. Katongola however said the last time she checked, Mr Gondwe was told to discontinue his building plans and she needed to consult the director if Mr Gondwe has given a go-ahead.

She said the same land on which Mr. Gondwe was building held underground electricity cables, sewer lines and water pipes.  Since 2014, residents of Libala stage 1’s Katapa and Kabuzu streets have been questioning how the council would allocate land to somebody whose buildings blocked outlets of the streets.