The  Rainbow Party and Post Newspaper

I truly commend the courage of Brebner Changala who has said what many  people have been scared to say  about the Post Newspaper as a political party.

He has put his finger on  the pulse of the nation by identify a major incongruence of our media scenarion which must be rectified as a matter of urgency.

While freedom of expression is enshrined in our constitution, the rights of other people should also be respected.

The majority of Zambian voters put the current Government in office because they had faith and confidence in them, this choice must be respected, because the electorate will have an opportunity in a few months time  to choose who they want in State House.

The people should be allowed to make their own minds oin the sucess or failure oif the present Government instead of being mombarded by the daily propaganda and citicism that the newspaper is running

These politics of propaganda and hatred will plant a very dangerous seed in the mind of the people because they will refuse to accept any political ourcomes that are trhe result of misinformation.

The current policies of infrastructure development as a growth strategy were implemented by late Presisdent Michael Sata whom they supported wholeheartedly, why should they now attack Edgart Lungu who has simply decided to fulfill the wishes of the late President.

Marvin Kaweche.


Why do we waste forex on importing dog food?

I want to agree with Bank of Zambia governor and others who have said that every effort must go into halting the free fall of the kwacha, and that one way of doing this is to halt unnecessary imports.

These are the items that I think we waste precious foreign exchange on dog food, onions, potatoes, carrots, crisps and many others.

When you import dog food for example, there is absolutely no value it is adding to the economy, more so that it is only a small community (apamwambas) who take joy in it.

Government should move in very quickly and stop these imports and save our Kwacha from further doom.

Can you imagine  that even after 50 years of independence Zambians still prefer imported oranges, bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, apples, cabbage, lettuce to mention but a few.

This is a big shame to the country!

Miles Chapenda



‘Scandal’ Veep”; Looking at a running mate of the presidential candidate

Those who have watched ‘Scandal’, an American Television series will recall the parts in which President Fitzgerald is confronted with  situations in which he cannot trust or work with his vice-president.

In the first instance, the Vice-President is  constitutionally required to act as president when the incumbent is shot and hospitalised and it is feared he might be permanently incapacitated  to resume work.

The acting president  realises that she could in fact take over permanently by refusing to hand over to the president who she believes has suffered permanent physical and mental incapacity.

In his second term the President  has another person as his  vice-president who “escapes” death in a bomb explosion and he blames it on the President’s dealings with a foreign African government.

He refuses to resign when told that he had lied about the attempt on his life and instead threatens to  expose the  President as one who had betrayed the American people and protected Olivia Pope, his concubine who had been his trusted private adviser and consultant.

A peeved  female official in the   vice-president’s office plots to revenge the Veep by asking  one of the Olivia’s investigative team to assassinate the vice-president.

However, the would-be assassin instead injects the vice-president who is hospitalised with stuff that leaves him  mentally and physically incapable to resume office. This inadvertently solves the president’s dilemma.

The  America  Constitution does not provide for the president to sack or force his vice-president to resign,  even if they have serious ideology or policy differences.

Like the proposed amendment to the Zambian constitution, the  American constitution provides for a vice-president elected as a running mate of the presidential candidate.

Once elected, separation can only be by resignation, death, mental or physical incapacity or impeachment.

In real life if such a situation arose in America, it is likely that the vice-president would offer to resign.  If, and it is possible, he refused, only public outrage would drive him to do so.

In Malawi President Mbingu wa Mutharika’s vice-president, Joyce Banda refused to resign when they had serious differences and remained in office even though she never performed any functions of the office.   On his death in office she replaced him as president in accordance with the constitution. This is what our legislators might have to seriously ponder about as they debate and vote to pass the constitution amendment bill. While the amendment removes the need for by election in the event of death or removal of the incumbent, without provision  for removal on grounds of policy or  ideological incompatibility with the president – the one who chose him to be a running mate – it can be a source of serious crisis.

 Kapaipi Kaunga,


The hopeless experts in opposition

If indeed talking (yapping) was an industry then Zambia perhaps would have the problem of load shedding or the falling power of the Kwacha solved a long time ago.

This is because Zambia today is gifted with a talking machine in the name of the opposition which is full of connoisseurs commenting on every issue in the nation but failing to proffer solutions.

So our talking industry would still be a waste of time after all, but of course our opposition, could no doubt have won medals at an international insulting competition.

Each day when one opens newspapers, especially that one which appears to be in full support for the cartel, we read about these self-claimed experts, some of whom held senior government positions in previous regimes.

They now seem to know better that they in the opposition and think they have every right to keep on insulting those in authority with unbelievable impunity.

Those who have formed small political parties think the only way to get into State House would be through the use of nutty disparagement of those who are now leading this great nation.

That is not the acceptable way of doing things because even in West where democracy started, the opposition does not behave like ours in Zambia.

Our opposition has reduced itself to a low level of instinctive ‘insultants’.

Indeed why aim a gun when you have no intentions whatsoever of pulling the trigger?

Brian Sikazwe.