Listen to progressive Ideas


Opposition UPND, FDD and the Grand Coalition on the people driven constitution must listen to progressive ideas and wise advice on the constitution making process, Patriotic Front Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba has said.

In an interview yesterday Mr. Kamba said the PF was committed to giving Zambians a constitution they wanted for themselves, adding that the route the Grand Coalition, opposition UPND and FDD have taken was aimed at creating anarchy in the nation.

He said it was clear that UPND, FDD and the Grand Coalition were not interested in following the law when it comes to the constitution making process.

“I believe that this country has laws and these laws should be respected. I am also sure that the opposition knows what the law says about the constitution making process and who is supposed to make laws. The route they want to take of adopting and enacting the constitution through a referendum is illegal,” Mr Kamba said.

He explained that whatever happened at referendum would be subjected to parliamentary approval as the law stands now.

“The truth of the matter is that there is no body apart from parliament which is mandated by law to make laws, not even the Grand Coalition. I am shocked that they want to use illegal means to come up with a new constitution. Do you think such a constitution will be respected by the people of Zambia?” Mr. Kamba asked

He said FDD’s Edith Nawakwi, UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema and the Grand Coalition should realise that the route they were taking would push the country into anarchy.

“Listen to Mr. Chipimo’s way of doing things. Look at the Young African Leaders Initiative way of seeing things over the constitution. Even people who are always critical of President Lungu’s government such as Mr. Nason Msoni have advised you the way to go.

This constitution making process is not a personal process, it is a Zambian process and the only way the document can be legitimized is through parliament not even the referendum they are talking about,” he said.

Mr. Kamba said the opposition should realise that the referendum if taken now would cost the country huge sums of money, adding that the country was preparing for a general election next year which was also another cost on the people of Zambia.

And PF media committee vice chairperson Sunday Chanda said the opposition and the Grand Coalition were jokers who should not be taken seriously.

Mr. Chanda said the Grand Coalition, UPND and FDD were merchants of destruction for country.

“Seriously Nawakwi has been MP before and she knows the processes which must be taken for amendments of the constitution. You cannot legalize any law outside Parliament. You cannot enact any law outside or without the inclusion of parliament. And besides, parliament is a representation of the people of Zambia, so why refuse to do the right thing?” he asked.