Caritas defends First Lady


Caritas Mansa has charged that politicians should not politicize works been done by the first lady Esther Lungu countrywide.

Caritas Mansa evaluation and monitoring officer Alick Zulu said THE efforts which the first lady was making in empowering women in the country should be commended.

“Works which the first lady is doing and the efforts that every well-meaning Zambian can make in terms of preventing the suffering of our women folks is something that should be appreciated.” Mr. Zulu said

He noted that that the only way poverty could be eradicated in the country, was by raising the income of women.

Mr Zulu observed that if the income of a woman was raised, the family income could also be raised.

“A woman is actually the one that keeps the family,” he said

Mr. Zulu said women were more affect by poverty and that a huge percent of people who were poor on earth were women. He said focus should be placed so much on women than man.

“Women are marginalized and they are the ones that are feeling the heat when it comes to poverty.” Mr. Zulu said.

He called on all well-meaning organizations to supplement the efforts that the first lady. Mr Zulu noted that if efforts were supplemented by training women who were receiving funds, high levels of poverty would reduce in the country.

“At the end of the day if we supplement the efforts by training women with business skills, that money may be used as loans from one member to the other in the group,” he said.

Mr Zulu said if women received soft loans, they would be able to raise an income and start training in business skills.

“When an income is raised, poverty levels reduce. The only way we can tackle poverty is by raising the income levels.” he said.