Chama takes on Grand Coalition

Zambians should not be listening to the Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution because they are a bunch of noise makers who cannot be trusted with the constitution making process, Patriotic Front secretary general Davis Chama has said.

Mr. Chama was responding to the Grand Coalition chairperson Leonard Chiti who said that the proposed enactment of a new constitution for Zambia through parliamentary amendments by the PF government was treacherous, dishonest and purely an electoral campaign gimmick.

Father Chiti told a media briefing yesterday that, the coalition would not support the enactment of a new constitution through the National Assembly.

He said there was no scam or mischief in the approach of the Grand Coalition to have the adoption of the final draft constitution through the referendum and only enacted by parliament before the 2016 general elections.

“The GC reiterates that there is no scam or mischief in our approach and that we have not shifted in our position or interests for a people driven constitution. The GC has been consistent from the beginning that we want a people driven constitution for Zambia to be adopted through a referendum and enacted only by Parliament before 2016 as is contained in the PF manifesto 2011-2016,” Fr. Chiti said.

He explained that the parliament route cannot be trusted or relied upon to deliver because it provided the government with a platform to change the character of the final draft constitution through parliamentary debates with the likelihood of alteration of the contents a real possibility

But Mr. Chama wondered who should be trusted between the coalition whose agenda was to have homosexuality in the constitution of Zambia or the PF which was conscious to the demands of the people of Zambia.

“Let’s be serious for once in this country. The Grand Coalition is a bunch of noise makers. They are noise makers and do not add any positive value to the governance of this nation. President Edgar Lungu is a serious President and what we are doing now we are running a serious Government,” said Mr. Chama.

He said this was no time for jokers whose interest was to satisfy the donors’ agenda, adding that the PF government would only do things not out of pressure but according to the law of the land.

Mr. Chama said Zambians should open their eyes and see what the Grand Coalition was up to.

“People should stop listening to these jokers. They should stop listening to this bunch of noise markers. We shall not go the short cut route they want but to follow the law as it stands now,” he said.

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