Fake pastors warned


KITWE District Commissioner (DC) Chanda Kabwe has said Pastors who are deceiving their congregants with ‘ fake’ miracles are an embarrassment to the Church and that government may be forced to order Police to arrest them.

Mr Kabwe said Government was disappointed with the conduct of some Pastors who are performing “fake’ miracles and that it was just a matter of time before Government ordered the police to arrest such individuals.

He was speaking yesterday in Kitwe at Living Water Global Church Ministries when he officiated at the celebration of 30 years of the founding of the by Chief Bishop Bernard Jehu Nwaka.

“In your 30 years of ministry, Bishop Nwaka, you have seen a lot of challenges, but let me tell you that where we you are going that is where you will see more challenges and so you need to be prepared any time. You have a task of making sure that the church continues to command respect from the Government and other Zambians through good actions and behaviour. A lot of clergymen are denting the image of the church through fake miracles.

“We have situations where some Pastors are forcing people to drink paraffin or Petrol. God will punish us for using his word to do our own personal and selfish interests,” Mr Kabwe said.

He said he was happy that Bishop Nwaka who was born in Wusakile Township had grown up to be a very reputable clergyman who was over seeing a lot of churches in Africa.

Mr Kabwe said Government needed the guidance and wisdom of the church in carrying out various duties, saying that the church provided leadership on a number of things.

“We are celebrating a great leader who was born in Wusakile. As Government, we will always embrace our relationship with the church.  The church is the backbone of the nation. For the nation to have a good citizen, we need to have a church.

“The peace and unity we have in this country is because of the church. Even President Edgar Lungu has told us to respect the church,” he said.

Mr Kabwe donated 30 pockets of cement, five truckloads of sand and 5000 blocks to help in the construction of the church