Power challenges natural – POGAWUZ

The current electricity challenges which Zambia is experiencing have got nothing to do with leadership, the Power Generation and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (POGAWUZ) has said.

Therefore, POGAWUZ president Thomas Nyendwa said, the problem of loadsheding should not be politisized because the power problem were a natural disaster.

Mr. Nyendwa told the Daily Nation in Livingstone that the loadsheding being experienced in the country was caused by climate change which the whole world is facing.

“The issue of loadsheding should not be politisized because it has nothing to do with leadership.  It is a natural disaster. When you ask our friends from western Province where there is always enough water, they will tell you that the water levels are low and that is why they have not held the Kuomboka ceremony the last three years.

“These are hard times and people have to understand that it is not the making of the leadership but a natural cause. You can’t blame the power generation company, no,” he said.

Mr. Nyendwa said it would be unfair for anyone to put the blame on the leadership of the country.

He called on Zambians to look for alternative power sources instead of relying on ZESCO alone.

He said people should start buying solar panels and generator sets as sources of power.

Meanwhile, POGAWUZ has ushered into office a new national women’s league following a successful hosting of a conference in Livingstone. The new executive led by Jempa Kamba was voted into office over the weekend.

Ms Kamba would be deputised by Cynthia Kolala while the secretary and vice are Cecilia Mushaukwa and Peggy Namuyamba respectively.The trustees are Martha Phiri, Miniver Ng’ona, Josephine Kabambo, Harriet Mutale and Carol Tembo.