Water crisis looming-Sikalinda


A water crisis is looming because of  the low water table levels and load shedding as the dry season takes effect, says Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company head of marketing and public relations Topsy Sikalinda.

He said 2015 would be a very difficult year for the utility company because of the burden of load shedding which affects the pumping system in the supply of water.

He said the low water levels coupled with other factors have contributed to the various challenges the company was facing in delivering water to the people.

“This will be a very difficult year for the company due to low water levels, and also high demand as a result of new connections to the system.

“We have also reached the dry season, there is always high demand for water especially at household level with people taking more baths and showers, and watering of gardens and lawns,” he said.

Mr Sikalinda explained that the company was grappling with high demand from new connections coming onto the grid without any improvement to the production plants.

He said there was high demand on the same supply line from both old and new customers hence the reduction in water supply hours.

Mr Sikalinda said some areas located on high points around Lusaka were already experiencing water shortages due to low pressure as a result of high demand.

“Areas such as PHI, Matero North, Avondale and Olympia Extension are already experiencing water shortages due to their location, but as a utility, we will try and mitigate this as much as we can.

“We also need to work with ZESCO in the switch and save programme to try and reduce power outages and reduce load shedding, otherwise we are all responsible for what we can do to help the situation,” he said.

Mr Sikalinda appealed to all customers to try and reduce water usage in order to allow for the supply of other areas with low pressure.