Bishop canes indecent dressing


It was disgraceful that  women who are supposed to be mothers of this country decide to dress indecently in the name of seeking attention, Independence Churches of Zambia (ICZ) chairperson David Masupa has declared.

“When you are beautiful, you are beautiful. Dressing does not define beauty, instead it defines ones character and I don’t think a serious guy would want to settle with a woman who exposes her body to the world,” Bishop Masupa said.

He said Zambians’ imitation of the western culture was the main reason why marriages in the country were slowly losing its value as young people could no longer stay committed.

Human rights, he said,were  getting in the way of cultural ethics as people have forgotten culture and the bible by opting to dress indecently in the name of human right, says Independence Churches of Zambia (ICZ) chairperson David Masupa.

He said the level of indecency in the country has reached alarming levels especially among women.

Bishop Masupa said it was unfortunate that the church, elderly people and other responsible citizens were not condemning indecent dressing just because society will fire back and say everybody had a right to dress how they want.

“Our cultural values now are becoming much more commercialised. People are more concerned with modern and have deliberately decided to ignore our cultural ethics which groomed fore-fathers and mothers,” he said.

Bishop Masupa said Zambia was a Christian nation and should be treated as such.

He wondered why people have opted to adapt the western way of dressing, abandoning their own culture in the name of human rights.

“In as much as we have to honour human rights, let us not forget that the bible equally talks about how we have to carry ourselves, and how our bodies are the Lord’s temples which we must hide and guard jealously,” Bishop Masupa said.

Bishop Musupa said indecent dressing and other western values that some Zambians want to adopt have contributed to the country’s’ failed marriages.

“In our culture, a man would never see the nakedness of a woman until after marriage. But nowadays, the streets are filled with half dressed women, and society is okay with it saying it’s their right. This is very shameful,” he said.

Bishop Masupa said the country would in fact develop if these rights would be put to good use and not on immoral undertaking such as indecent dressing.

He appealed to the church and other official leaders to lead by example and dress in ways that will prompt others to adhere, at the same time encouraging women to have self-respect and dress in a manner that would not shame the lord but lift others.