Disloyal ZNS officers Warned


ZAMBIA National Service (ZNS) Commandant Lieutenant General Nathan Mulenga has warned indisciplined and dishonest officers with the intention of sabotaging and underming the governance of the country that they risk being flushed out of the service.

Lt Gen Mulenga has said officers who would be masquarading in the service should voluntarily move out because if discovered, they would be made to account for their disloyalty and asked to leave the service.

Lt Gen Mulenga charged that he was not appointed to head the Zambia National Service of a cadre of officers who were disloyal and indisciplined bent on bringing down the good intentions of Government.

The ZNS Commandant sounded the warning yesterday during the commissioning of the heavy duty earth moving equipment by President Edgar Lungu.

Lt Gen Mulenga said he was ready to root out what he termed undesirable characters from the service because they had no place in a calling that demanded high levels of discipline and loyalty to the President who was the Commander in Chief.

He said Government had done its part by procuring the equipment at great cost and that if the service was committed, dedicated and disciplined as well as patriotic, the officers would be able to improve not only their working conditions but would also be able to improve their salaries.

Lt Gen Mulenga said Government was often blamed for the problems facing the country when it was the people that were a problem.

He said some officers in the service and lazy, dishonest had attitudes of subotaging institutions apart from having the culture of absenteeism and absconding from work.

“Many a time we blame Government for certain failured. I want to tell you that Government is not a problem but we are. Laziness, dishonesty, sabotage, absenteeism, late reporting for work, absconding from work including cheating which has become part of our culture.

If any of you feels very strongly not to be part of the reason why Government has entrusted us with the equipment, stand up and declare your unability and I will carefully and speedly allow you to go. If on the other hand you mas qurade, you will be discovered and please heed my warning…I will give you a very hard push out of the service and will not care how you will fall or how fatal that fall shall be,” Lt Gen Mulenga said.

He said the service had been struggling to meet its obligations in terms of opening up of rural areas through the construction of feeder roads, bridges and crossing points.

Lt Gen Mulenga explained that despite efforts for the service to ensure there was mass production of both maize and other high value crops such as beans and wheat, the service was barely breaking even because of lack of equipment.