Electricity tariff references were mixed up


Dear editor

 I make reference to your head line of today the 7th of September 2015 in which you are attempting to highlight the low electricity tariffs in Zambia compared to other countries in the region.

While what you are trying to highlight could be true and important you have used tariff rates for different countries in different currencies making it very difficult for your readers to comprehend what you are doing. Since you quoted the tariffs in Zambia in united states dollars (USD) you should have converted the other tariffs in other countries in USDs as well. That is how business reporting is done.

The most misleading one is the Namibian tariffs which you indicated as $7,83/kWh making it look like this is USD while the currency you are quoting is in fact Namibian $ which is equivalent to one South African Rand or US$0.0714. We however appreciate your attempt to inform the Authorities to relook at the tariffs. You should also bring to fore the need for Zesco to use resources from sales more prudently as it seems not to be the case at the moment. Zesco spends too much of its resources on remuneration of employees instead of the reinvestment in the business , it should learn to pay within its means.

Business reporting requires some reasonable knowledge of business for it to be of value to your readership.  It would help if you cam publish my letter.


Kind regards


Mannfred C. Ngweza