Hypocrisy of the worst type

Dear Editor

I now believe that the cartel is simply a bunch of thieving hypocrits with no morals and indeed no ethical standard of any kind.

These are the people who cheeered our late President as he implemented a massive infrastructure programme that turned the entire country into a work in progress. They hailed him as a man of the people and a champion of the common man.

The same people are now saying that people cannot eat roads and infrastructure.

This is cheating and hypocrisy because they must have known that these works were going to cost a lot of money that was not readily available considering the state of our economy.

Let this be a lsesson to Zambians that not all those who speak the language of integrity are themnselselvesĀ  clear and blame less, they are vultures ready to feast on the carcass of wasted dreams and aspiration.


Abash hypocrisy.

Reoben Mwitwa