Rainbow Party State mines- ha ha ha


Dear Editor,

Through your well balanced newspaper, allow me to comment on the dreams by opposition Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba on his plans to establish State mines.

Apart from the idea being wishful thinking, he should know better what happened to our ZCCM before it was sold.

The company faced enormous financial challenges to expand operations which required serious capitalisation to acquire advanced technology to support such operations.

There was Konkola Deep Project which required modern equipment to reach copper. ZCCM was caught between the Devil and deep blue sea in terms of operational capital.

In short, mining is a pricey undertaking which requires colossal sums in investments.

If Rainbow can have a natter with giant mining firms like FQM or Lumwana Mr Kabimba what it takes to be in mining today.

I will not forget the days when Lusaka had one State bakery called Modern Bakery under the then Indeco.

We all had to queue at this plant  to buy bread-all due to socialism which put the economy in the hands of the State.

Mr Kabimba please put this in your head . Socialism cannot work, especially in Zambia where the private sector has continued to make sense and is delivering to expectation.

I am sure soon you will be thinking about bringing back the United Bus company of Zambia (UBZ) to compete with the private sector and the nation will have  a big Ha Ha Ha.

Don’t waste your time, socialism belongs to the Hades.

Dominic  KAMINO