It is quite disheartening that fellow Zambians have taken it upon themselves to sabotage and injure the economic, political, financial and social well being of this country by undertaking a campaign of calumny.

This is sabotage of the most despicable form because it represents the egoistical and narcistic cravings of individuals who have no regard for the well being of the country but consider themselves above the law, inscrutable and therefore possessed of a licence to peddle all manner of falsehood in order to maintain their assumed glorified status.

Sabotage has been described as a deliberate action aimed at weakening a polity through subversion, obstruction, disruption or indeed destruction.

It is indeed the conscious effort of individuals to undermine any constructive course of action to achieve systemic failure and this can only be the work of sick minds or individuals so desperate to seek attention themselves or indeed to their ideas.

This is exactly what we are confronted with, a media that has gone to great lengths to misinform and misinterpret situations and circumstances to paint a negative picture of the country and its imminent failure.

A typical example is recent reportage of Zambia’s quest to secure reliable fuel from neighbouring Angola through a private sector driven initiative that must of necessity secure government support in order to succeed.  This has instead been misinterpreted by impugning corrupt and underhand methods by the Executive and President Lungu in particular. 

The intention for all practical purposes was to cast a pall and therefore doubt on the transaction even before it starts and for the obvious reason of stopping or indeed rendering all further negotiations into very serious disrepute because doubts about the credibility of participants will have been created.

The beneficiaries in this case will be the saboteur and not the people of Zambia who would have otherwise benefitted from the exercise. Examples abound where straight forward information has been so twisted as to arrive at highly convoluted conclusions that bear no resemblance to the original issues.  For example, an impression was created a few hours ago that Glencore was pulling out of Zambia because of mismanagement and load shedding.  Fortunately in this day and age of the global village information has disproved this assertion because Glencore’s motivation is more related to the bottom line than anything else.

Equally an impression was being created that Zambia’s currency difficulties are endemic and yet the Chinese sneeze has wrought global ranging economic hiccups.

Bigger economies including South Africa are facing up to currency devaluation but are managing due to the diversified nature of exports.

Our neighbours in Malawi have suffered equally due to bad weather which has affected their tobacco and cotton harvest resulting in a decline of their Kwacha.

We are in a more unenviable position as copper is our main source of revenue and sadly it is one commodity that has been most hard hit by the downturn.

This country does not require sabotage and saboteurs.  It requires constructive suggestions that will take the country further.  This is a national cause to which all citizens are called.

Those who think otherwise bana ba ndoshi.