Todays Text Messages

Hakainde must respect

President Lungu


I listened to HH on Hot FM. I was shocked by the language he used in addressing President Lungu. He may not have voted for President Lungu, but ,many of us did, therefore the man deserves the respect  of all Zambians.  I really feel sorry for Hot FM because it is daily sounding like an extension of the worthless papers because of the un-researched topics and shallow discussions. Can they also distinguish between news and promoting products. The two are very different and should never be mixed.




Where are Zambian



There is a saying that whatever goes up must always come down, but for the Zambia economy it looks it won’t go down, until all leaders seek advice from experts , the economists. The Zambian people need urgent help. They want to know the measures our leaders are taking to control this declining economy before investors start losing confidence.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka



Nawakwi loses blessings from fellow women


Allow me to comment on recent attacks targeted at our first lady Esther Lungu by Nawakwi. Madam Nawakwi please know that our first lady cannot just stay in State House. She is the mother of the nation, and she has to perform her duties. Ba Nawakwi that is why you have lost blessings from your fellow women.

Mutale, Matero




Well done Chipolopolo


I also wish to congratulate our Zambian national soccer team on beating Kenya 2 – 1, in their backyard on Sunday September 6, in the 2017 Gabon Africa cup of nations encounter. Kenya scored first through striker,  Michael Olunga who capitalized on Zambia’s’ defence error. The Chipolopolo boys leveled the score line through premier league top scorer Winstone Kalengo, after receiving a layoff from Collins Mbesuma allias King David, Mbesuma secured Zambia’s victory when he scored the second goal. The win means that the team has moved to second position with 4 points.

Elemiya Phiri, Lusaka





Govt or President Lungu not to blame for load shedding


The criticism heaped on President Edgar Lungu in view of the current load shedding the country is experiencing is not fair. The problem of power deficit was not caused by poor administration of the Patriotic Front Government as claimed by certain sections of society. The problem was exacerbated by natural factor, the poor rains experienced during the 2014/2015 rain season. This in turn caused low water levels at Kariba North Bank, which is the main source of electricity generation. Zambia is not the only country experiencing power deficit in the region.

E P, Lusaka




Positive ideas will enhance development


Some of our social and political critics seem to see everything wrong about the current Government and still fail to provide policy direction on their criticism. We demand solution to prevailing situation rather than mere politics. The situation the country is facing demands concerted efforts from all stakeholders who have a heart for the common citizen. I appeal to political leaders to sit down and make recommendations regarding the current economic trends which has also seen the prices of essential commodities going up. Positive ideas will enhance development. Let us speak development for all.

Bernard, Lusaka