It’s not true


Henry Banda the son of former president Rupiah Banda has categorically denied and described as false and sinful lies Post newspaper allegations linking him to the Zambia and Angola oil “deal”.

He has also denied ever buying or renting any part of the  luxurious Davinci Hotels and Suites in the Johannesburg’s plush town of Sandton City as was claimed by the Post Newspaper.

“Where do these people get these ideas from ? I do not know anything about the deal, neither do I know anybody involved nor any institution involved in the deal.” He said, in an interview from Johannesburg.

These assertions, he said, were mischievous as he knew nothing of the oil companies, the Gulf Pacific and Lobito  pipeline to which he has been associated.

At no time, he said, had he been  a business envoy of President Lungu to President dos Santos of Angola and was thus  shocked to have been accused as having been the person allegedly masterminding the government-to-government oil investment deal that was reported in the Post newspaper yesterday.

These suggestions, he said, were meant to bring the name of President Lungu and Dosantos into hatred and ridicule.

He said a reporter from the Post  Newspaper called him three times, but as he was busy asked him to forward his query through a mobile phone text message so that he could respond but was never given a chance to give his side of the story.

“I do not know the company to which I have being associated neither do I know the people who have been mentioned as my business associates. I am not in any way involved in this matter and I do not know where the ideas are coming from and why. The Post called me three times and I asked them to text me the questions so that I could respond. They never spoke to me and I believe the story is a total fabrication only meant to invoke anger among Zambians against President Lungu,” Mr Banda said.

Mr. Banda has furnished the Nation a copy of the electronic exchange with the Post Newspaper reporter.