Todays Text Messages

Youths will start insulting

Nawakwi, M’membe soon


This is for M’membe and Nawakwi. If you hear young people insulting you in public, do not get surprised or upset. This is because it is you two adults who have brought indiscipline in this country. Don’t ever forget that.

Micky, Lusaka



Can ZESCO explain that

power outage at the Heroes Stadium?


Kindly allow me to express my disappointment with  Zesco uncalled for behavior, disrupting electricity after having assured the nation of stable supply of power for the Zambia vs Gabon game. Not long ago huge quantity of cassava was swept away by Zesco at Musonda falls, and now another slap in the face. Dear Zesco who do you intend to serve?

Mwape Kalombo, Lusaka


Futile Post propaganda


The Post should know that no amount of propaganda will ever make Kabimba match the capacity of Edgar Lungu. Lungu he is just good even Kabimba knows. Continue with the good works your Excellency you are born to excel; we are totally behind you. Come 2016 the ballot will tell.

Yataba, Southern crew



How did HH become



HH is a billionaire and was part of the privatization process of Zambian sold industries. Can he please enlighten us how he became a billionaire while Zambians are wallowing in poverty? I suggest he releases some of the billions to improve the economy.





Leave Esther Lungu alone


Leave the mother of the nation alone. So mama Lungu  keep up your good works. Viva first lady Esther Lungu.

Lucy, Livingstone



Constructive criticism



Let us learn to offer positive criticism to build and not to destroy. It does not help in any way to just concentrate on the negative side of things. When something good has been done let us appreciate and criticize where necessary.

Mulenga, Lusaka



Someone should explain events at Heroes stadium


Zesco should explain what happened yesterday at the Heroes Stadium. Shortly before the game power was cut and seven minutes into the game power was again cut. That was very bad and embarrassing at the same time to President Lungu. The surprising part is that the surrounding areas had power Was it a technical fault or load shedding as usual?

Michael Kangwa, Lusaka



Some media houses up to no good


It is a fact that some media bosses and some opposition leaders are sadists and economic saboteurs. The earlier our Government realizes the better for Zambia. These people cannot hold us hostage in our own country as if we don’t think to allow them to continue on the path of destroying our country with impunity in the name of freedom of speech.

Concerned citizen