Zesco probes stadium power cut


ZESCO Limited has instituted investigation to ascertain the cause of the power blackout at Heroes Stadium on Tuesday evening during the international friendly football match between Gabon and Zambia.

Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata said yesterday that the two power outages experienced at Heroes Stadium during the match between Zambia and Gabon were not as a result of load shedding.

Mr. Kapata said the blackout had nothing to do with load shedding as the stadium station had a capacity of 9 MVA which was eight times more than the requested for by the stadium management during construction.  “There was no load shedding and that is the reason why we have instituted an investigation on the matter, power was there but something went wrong, that is what we are investigating and you aware that the head of State was in the stadium and surroundings could not be subjected to load shedding. We are seriously investigating what went wrong at the stadium, for security purposes we cannot subject the stadium and surrounding places to load shedding.” Mr. Kapata said.

He maintained that what happened at Heroes Stadium had nothing to do with load shedding. A cross section of society has questioned the logic by Zesco to load shed the Heroes Stadium after assuring soccer funs that there would be no power cut.

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