NRCs issuance; Corruption alarm rings


Some officers issuing National Registration Cards (NRC) in the current mobilise exercise have been accused of demanding money from applicants to speed up the programme.

But Ministry of Home Affairs Spokesperson Moses Suwali has said the allegations were false that members of the public are being made to part away with money before obtaining the NRC.

“Our officers are not charging any fees for members of the public wishing to obtain the national registration card for the first time. The only charge being asked from members of the public is for replacement of the NRCs which is a K3,” he said.

Mr Suwali however advised members of the public who have been charged to report such cases to the Ministry.

‘’We are asking members of the public who have evidence to report to the ministry or the supervisors that are in- charge of the exercise ,so that we are able to deal with such cases accordingly,” he said. Meanwhile, Mr Suwali has emphasized that police report to be used to replace the lost National Registration Card are free as stated earlier during the kick off the exercise.

“As may be aware, the Minister of Home Affairs, Davies Mwila suspended the payment for obtaining a police report for those intending to replace NRC,” he said.

Some Members of the public have accused officers from the Department of National registration, passport and citizenship of charging them to obtaining new NRCs. They have further accused the officers of being rude.

Last week, Government launched phase two of the mobile issuance of National Registration Cards in four provinces; Eastern, Lusaka, Southern and Western Provinces.

And Government has suspended the police report fee of K50 paid for loss of NRCs in the provinces